About me

After many years of living outside my native country, Venezuela and the country that saw me grow up, Costa Rica, I live in the old continent, currently in the wonderful city of Porto, a place that has filled me with inspiration and motivation to create.

Graduated in Advertising from the Hispano-American University of Costa Rica, since the mid-2000s I have dedicated myself to develop brands and promote them through different media, creating messages that connect people with their products.

And in 2013, having worked for almost 10 years in the multinational corporate world, I decided to undertake this journey that has led me to focus on bringing consulting, coaching and advertising services to companies and entrepreneurs in multiple sectors.

I incorporated the Master in Integral Coaching into my career at the Integral Coaching School of Seville in 2018, which has given me a 360 ° expansion, adding a key piece to better support my clients, both in communication and in their personal and professional development.

In 2019 I specialized in Team Coaching which has further expanded work opportunities with people, this time propelling groups to align and achieve goals together.

My interests and hobbies are on a wide range, besides traveling the outer and inner world thanks to meditation, I’m passionate about arts in its many expressions; painting, photography, crafts, decoration… And also dancing is one of my biggest interests.

Thank you for reading me and walking with me on this wonderful journey!

Feel free to drop me a message for any inquires.