Coaching is a tool that allows us to get to know ourselves and learn, based on our personal experience, to achieve our goals and develop our potential.

Integral coaching works from the different perspectives of coaching: ontological, humanistic and American. It is a process that facilitates a 360° view of the situation with the understanding that each person is different and therefore not all of us work in the same way, which allows us to address the situation in the most appropriate way for the client.

From the coaching point of view, it is possible to work individual situations for personal growth and professionals in search of continuous development in the professional field.

Coaching is also ideal for teams that seek to be more efficient, working on different objectives according to their needs, such as: group cohesion, conflict resolution, communication, awareness, among others.

If you want to know more about coaching or you think it can be a tool for you or your team, leave me a message and we can discuss about it with a coffee.